The Burmese Cat, know this breed

The Burmese cat is beautiful, tender and adorable are calm temperament, good behavior and very loving. They are an ideal companion for anyone who loves cats.


The Burmese cat has a very ancient history that comes from Asia. Since 1900, it is known as the sacred cat of Burma, where it lived with Burmese priests.

It originated in Burma and was introduced in Europe, specifically to France in secret in 1932 when they took a couple of cats and in the course of the trip the male died but the female had become pregnant having a litter of several kittens, it is from this couple that descend the Burmese cats in France, then is taken to the United States in 1959.

During the Second World War, this breed is eliminated from Europe almost completely and were recovered by making crosses with long-haired cats such as Persians and Siamese cats.

Characteristics of the cat

  • The sacred cat of Burma is a long-haired cat
  • They have a light white or cream coat with spots or dark spots in the mouth, ears, extremities and tail, with the legs as symmetrical white gloves in each one that are the main characteristic of this race. These gloves extend to the back of the leg ending in the shape of inverted V and are called posterior cords.
  • It has a robust and muscular body with a soft and silky coat.
  • They are wide face with large ears and straight, and sapphire blue eyes that is one of its characteristics.
  • Its coat comes in several recognized colors: chocolate, blue, lilac, red, cream tabby and tortie.
  • It is a very homemade cat or indoor cats and likes very much to be pampered.
  • They are good cats of company, even they can take out to stroll in car and they behave very well.
  • They are very communicative and have a voice with a very soft and adorable tone, not at all annoying.
  • It is very sociable and is not one of those who chooses an owner in the house but enjoys that the whole family pays attention, loves to play.
  • They adapt to other pets, including non-aggressive dogs.
  • The Burmese cat does not need as much attention in the aspect of the cleanliness, it does not have a inferior layer of hair as the Persian or Himalayan for what they are very easy to brush and does not lose much hair.
  • Burmese are born totally white and acquire their characteristic color 15 days after birth and their complete coat can be appreciated at 2 years.


The Burmese cat is easy to maintain, brush once a week will suffice and in times of molt you can do it more often to help fall the dead hair, it will be very simple because it does not have an inner layer of hair and is not so prone to form knots.

The sandbox if you must keep it always clean as it is a cat with long hair and can stick to his mantle excrements with undesirable consequences.

If you have to bathe him use warm water with the help of a hand shower.

Pros and Cons


Anyone who likes cats will enjoy the company of a Burmese cat as they are affectionate, very playful, sociable and totally adorable. They like to go out and participate in the activities carried out by their owners.


The Burmese cat needs the company of humans does not like to be alone.

For being such a beautiful specimen, you should not let it go out into free spaces without taking care of it to prevent strangers from stealing it.

Food Tips

Feed your beautiful Burmese cat a high quality product containing taurine and vitamins for hair care and good health.

Always keep clean, fresh water available to keep it hydrated. And visit your vet whenever you need to.


The Burmese cat has a beautiful legend…

They say that centuries ago, a priest named Mun-Ha was in charge of guarding the temple of Lao-Tsun that had been built to worship the golden goddess with sapphire eyes Tsun-Kyan-Kse, the priest lived in the temple with 100 white cats and had a favorite called Sinh that had amber eyes.

One day a band of thieves entered the temple to steal and the priest Mun-ha was kneeling in front of the altar of the goddess Tsun-Kyan-Kse as every day, the thieves killed him, the cat of the priest jumped on the old man to protect him and at that time began to transform changing his coat to gold and his yellow eyes changed to sapphire blue, but his hands were white as a symbol of purity.

The thieves, seeing the transformation of the animal, fled…

It is said that the goddess turned the cat into a sacred animal that would lead the soul of the priest to his kingdom.

The Sinh cat spent seven days at the altar of the goddess until she died and carried the soul of her beloved master to paradise. And so was born the sacred cat of Burma.


The Burmese cat can suffer from feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which is very common in different cat breeds and which causes heart failure, paralysis or death.