When a cat comes into our life we don’t know that they stole our heart almost instantaneously.

It is common that before knowing them correctly, we have many opinions or prejudices end foundation, because we have never lived or shared with them as pets and we realize how all that can blur and disappear after sharing our home with them.

Let’s talk about the benefits of having a cat as a companion animal in our home, but first let’s know a little about its history and how over the years were getting closer to our homes, from being worshipped as gods by the ancient Egyptians to be used as caregivers. All these facets are very important to know them to understand them better and know how they evolved to be those who accompany us today.

Cats were domesticated at different times, but we will start more or less 8000 to 10000 years ago, when our nomadic ancestors established themselves in agricultural villages.

Their source of food and trade was based on oat and wheat crops, which attracted many rodents, to avoid it cats were perfect predators to take care of their crops, for all their characteristics, their size, since they did not occupy much space, did not represent a danger, fed on what they hunted, did not cause disasters and for their noble character were easily stolen human affection.

In this way they began to approach little by little, establishing a relationship, then with time, the cats as pets began migrations on foot, in train wagons, by boat and by all means of transport along with the populations that were expanding throughout the world, so it was as they evolved and adapted to the seasons of each climate where they were arriving.

Today, there are 600 to 650 million domesticated cats in the world and they belong to the only feline species that is not under constant threat or in danger of extinction. As a result of this strong bond that has been created between humans and cats, humans have discovered and found many benefits provided by cats as pets, in addition to those mentioned above in ancient times.

Let’s get to know some of the benefits of having cats at home:

To have a faithful companion who loves the home that you offer him:

Among the great benefits that cats have, is their ability to adapt easily to spaces and changes.

We can move from a place with a lot of space to one with reduced space, they arrive with caution and fear, check, but with a little time and affection in a few days and will pass their discontent, we can feel little by little their tranquility and show us their happiness.

The same thing will happen with new members of the family, whether they are other pets or human members, first they will make a recognition, they will check, they will be curious, but in a lapse of time they will already have adapted and they let us know that it is so.

Fun, joy and company:

There is something that we cannot deny when having cats as pets, and it is to feel accompanied. They may be on the other side of the room or even on the highest piece of furniture in the house, but they are still looking out for us and you can feel that.

Those moments in which we look for them, or even better, when they look for us to play, whether to see a loose lace of our shoes or that something hangs us, immediately their eyes change, they become round and the energy that they transmit in that moment is unique, without a doubt, they cheer our hearts.

When you arrive home after a long day out, they wait for you to get settled, order all your things and when you get settled for dinner or bed to rest they look for a space to accompany you, transmitting their affection and providing a warm and relaxed rest, are a source of tranquility that will make us think twice before we get up to not bother them.

Security, hygiene and cleanliness:

Cats as pets are the neatest thing we can find, as we know them all they take care of themselves and are awaiting to be as long as possible clean, they do not like the bathroom, they prefer to do it their way and that their coat is always shiny, they do not have bad odors and if they detect a bad smell in their sandbox, they find the way to let us know that requires a change.

For them to stay clean is not only a matter of aesthetics, for each lick in their coat helps them to remain soft and can act better as an insulating layer, which protects them from the outside, when their coat has little care is a poor protection and exposes them to greater risks, this is why we see them so concerned and every time they have a chance are “bathing” and doing the same to their loved ones, to provide protection.

Benefit our health:

Many studies over the years have shown us the great benefits cats have as pets in our lives.

Among these the ones that stand out the most is that they help to prevent allergies in children as well as in adults, they help to avoid respiratory infections, improve the mood, and even there are many published studies that help to increase the correct circulation of the blood and this helps to control the blood pressure and cardiovascular system.

All of us who have cats as pets know that when for some reason we feel sad or depressed being by their side helps us a lot with such anguish, transmit without speaking or express a unique sense of peace that benefits even our self-esteem, because we feel loved, cared for and their loyalty is genuine.

In conclusion, the benefits that they transmit in our lives are innumerable and we are probably not aware of all of them, the only sure thing when we talk about them is to feel incredibly, and feel that we have the best partners and that they are the most important gift in our lives.