Abyssinian characteristics

The Abyssinian cat is a very curious animal in every sense. Its physical appearance and temperament are the basis of its popularity. So much so that is one of the most numerous breeds in the world, at least taking into account the records of cats of all breeds.

Its main characteristic is elegance, both when kept at rest and when in motion, but there is much more to know about the Abyssinian cat.

Despite its name, the origin of this cat is found in Egypt, or so it is believed. Certainly, the name of the breed comes from the country of Abyssinia, which is now known as Ethiopia, but this was because the first cat of this race presented at a cat beauty show was importing from this country.

At first, it was believed that Abyssinia was its country of origin, and was used that place to name the breed, but the truth is that the Abyssinian cats already existed long before the first appeared in an exhibition.

In any case, theories about its origin are diverse and also diffuse. The most prominent is that which English breeders have taken for good, and that would come to say that this breed was produced from the crosses of cats from Egypt, and others from England, known as British Bunny.

From the first moment it was a race that caught the attention of cat lovers, breeders and people who wanted to have one as a pet. Thus, towards the end of the nineteenth century, the breed had become famous enough to begin the formalities of official recognition, which came at the beginning of the next century.

It was in England where the Abyssinian cat was most valued, and the breeders of this place who worked in the selective breeding of specimens to define the most desirable characteristics. With this work they obtained an elegant and refined cat, that found easily hollow in the homes of families of all type, specially in those of high class.

Of these more defined specimens came the first import into the United States, specifically in 1909. Soon in this country also began to breed with them, importing the highest quality specimens from England.

The fame of this feline breed is such throughout the world, which is recognized by associations worldwide. No one can doubt that within all the types of cats that exist, the abyssinian is one of the most striking and special. Hence it has earned a place as a pet in homes in every corner of the world.

Characteristics of Abyssinian

The appearance of the Abyssinian cat is generally quite wild, one of the reasons why it is so popular. Despite the distances, it is a cat that can easily remember the puma, which is why it is as attractive as a pet. It stands out for having an athletic and slender body, very stylized, where the muscles are marked and that allows to glimpse a maximum agility.

The size of this cat is medium, which is why it is so suitable for most homes. As for its weight, it is usually slightly smaller in proportion to its size than other breeds, which is why it is so stylish and well proportioned.

Within its physiognomy highlights the shape and size of its head, triangular and relatively small, which still looks smaller by their ears and eyes strangely large. It is very expressive in its way of looking, as well as intense, thanks to those large eyes that are usually green, golden or similar. It also highlights its tail elongated and full of hair.

The mantle of the Abyssinian cat is very particular. It is of medium length, although in some specimens it can be relatively long. It is a very shiny coat and soft to the touch, very striking color that can vary in shades of brown, chocolate and fire.

In fact, the most common is to mix throughout his body different shades lighter and darker of the same color, which is known as ticking.

Undoubtedly it is an animal of great beauty, which stands out among other kinds of cats for its characteristics and also for its temperament, which makes it a regular home where felines are very loved.

Abyssinian Behavior

Among all the cats and breeds that exist, the abyssinian also has an enviable behavior. It differs quite a lot in its temperament from what is considered normal for a cat. Where other breeds show independence and desire to be alone, Abyssinian cats are very attached to their family. They are very dependent animals that can look for the affection and the affection of their owners in a constant way, which can be something overwhelming for the people that do not show affection of so evident form.

They are also very playful and affectionate, and very careful when carrying out those games. This characteristic of adoration for the game is maintained throughout their lives, as are other typical features of puppies. This is a breed that takes a long time to reach maturity, and you could say that it never does in certain aspects, such as the need for play, affection and affection.

In addition, the Abyssinian cat is very curious by nature, and will come to any corner to satisfy that curiosity thanks to its physical capabilities. It is not strange to find this cat jumping and sniffing around the house, so it is always advisable to maintain some safety rules to avoid possible accidents.

Main diseases of Abyssinian

The hand of the human being as far as the breeding and selection of the Abyssinian cat is concerned, has made that this race presents very few problems by genetic or hereditary causes.

The main problems that this breed may present are related to oral health, and also other conditions typical of cats that can be avoided mostly with healthy lifestyle habits.

They are slightly more prone than other breeds to amyloidosis, but they also do not have an incidence too high to take precautions in addition to the good habits already mentioned.

Abyssinian basic care

This feline breed does not require more specific care in general terms than any other cat breed. Even in some matters may need less attention, although it is true that special attention must be paid to their education from puppy.

As for health, maintaining good daily habits and going to the vet for frequent check-ups, it will be quite easy to keep him strong and healthy. What you should never forget is to keep your cat’s vaccination and deworming schedule up to date to keep out the most common cat diseases.