As cat caretakers, Fdp-Bg always seeks to provide a long, satisfying and healthy life for our felines and those of our customers.

For many people it is clear that a good diet for cats is essential to provide such welfare. As in human beings, a correct diet is the best preventive medicine we can offer them.

But we must be clear that a good diet is not the only thing that is important for their well-being. It is also necessary to generate good daily habits in front of the food.

Tips and tricks to improve your cat’s quality of life

To offer high quality meals, with excellent ingredients, composition and nutrients. Animal protein should come first as one of the first ingredients in the concentrate of your choice.

Keep in mind your cat’s territorial organization, keep in mind that eating, resting, playing, defecating and urinating are functions that should not be mixed. Therefore your cat should have a separate space for each activity within the home. For example, place the sandpit away from the trough.

Have food and drink containers distributed throughout the territory. Be sure to place water and food containers at a safe distance, as cats by nature tend to prefer it that way.

Since in the wild, big cats eat and hide their prey away from water reserves, this is because they can become contaminated with blood or bacteria from the prey.

This behavior is still very marked in our domestic cats, so sometimes many people say that their cats do not drink water. Or they prefer to take it from the faucet. We assure you that if you place several points of water in house you will encourage the consumption of water in your cat.

Vary the food options: If you give your cat only dry food, we recommend you offer other options such as moist food of excellent quality or natural food prepared especially for cats, so he will feel pleasure and variety in his palate. Remember that this type of food (moist and natural) supports our cat’s water intake, provides more animal protein and less carbohydrates.

This does not mean that we give twice as much food to our cat, the ideal is to generate a balance between the dry food you normally consume and the wet or natural food you want to give him, so the total daily portion needed will not be affected and your cat will not be overfed.

Manage a form of feeding according to each cat, as they all have different and unique behaviors, so it is essential that each owner knows very well the behavior of his own cat and provide the best according to their own customs and needs.

As a food provider, you will control both the time and the amount of food you offer your cat each day. We recommend that you give 2 or 3 servings of food a day at defined times.

Controlled feeding has several advantages, among them allows you to control the total amount of food your cat consumes, avoiding possible problems of overweight or obesity. Also the freshness of the food.

It also allows you to keep track of your health if you have several cats at home. Since you can easily observe if someone stops eating, this can be a sign of disease.

Provide food to your cat with some difficulty, such as on high shelves where he needs to climb to get to her, through the game that allows him to run and catch, using slow food dishes that activate his mind to get access to it and eat, thus avoiding easy consumption and effortless by the cat, making it prone to sedentary, monotony and overweight.